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[IP] Re: Why are you telling me....

On 4/5/02 3:31 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I have gotten into the habit of asking *why are you telling me this? When
> someone tells me anything they think they know about diabetes. My aunt had
> diabetes and got her legs amputated - I am sorry to hear that, why are you
> telling me this. You should not eat that - I though I was up on all the
> latest research, why are you telling me this, etc. Then I can respond to the
> actual concern or whatever motivation that person had for sharing this
> information. It is amazing how people realize they have no idea what they
> are talking about when you question them in this way. It is also firm but
> not too snippy.
> - --
> Amy B. Anderson

I like that! It brings back an assignment we had in Psych class. When we
were out in public and if someone started to bombard us with their sob
stories and their 'opinions'...We were to ask "Why are you telling me this?"
and take note of the answers we got.

Pretty interesting......

Jenny Sutherland
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