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Re: [IP] The BEST glucose monitoring System

In a message dated 4/5/2002 4:16:15 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Which of the glucose monitoring systems are the besst.  I'm looking for a 
> meter that you can stick yourself basically anywhere besides the 
> The smallest, least expensive
>  and the one that causes the least amount of soreness.  Please
>  compare these monitors, using the above system requirements and advise me 
> the best that's out there to purchase next.

What's "best" is a matter of personal opinion based on weighing a variety of 
factors -- plus you need to account for the fact that you can use different 
lancet devices with various meters-- say, for example, a Bayer Vacculance for 
alternative site testing with a Lifscan One Touch Ultra Meter, instead of the 
lancet that is provided with the Ultra meter.  

About six months ago Consumer Reports magazine did a good job of providing an 
independent review of a large number of meters outlining various features and 
making several recommendations. You might want to go look up that issue at 
your local library or see if you can find it on their web site.  I know the 
Children with Diabetes web site has some good reviews about various meters 
(here's the link:   <A 
HREF="http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/index_cwd.htm">children with 
DIABETES On-line Community</A> ).  There may also be some on the IP web site 
that I have missed .  .  .

you may also want to ask at your doctors office or CDE if they have any free 
meters/lancets that you can have to try out.  We've often gotten a newly 
released meter to try in this way . . .

Good luck.

And, if you want my 11 year old daughter's personal opinion:  she prefers the 
One Touch Ultra Meter for it's 5 second test results and relatively small 
blood sample requirement,  She uses two different lancet devices that she 
found to be the most comfortable for her after trying out a number of 
different ones:  the Accucheck Softclix for fingers and the Bayer Vacculance 
for arms (and once her earlobe and her pinkie toe just to try and shock her 
mom) . . . 

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