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[IP] My 24900 Calculation

I couldn't resist the opportunity to respond to Jan and Roger's reports.
I figure there may have been 50 injections of insulin in Dec 1942 when I was
dx. And I know that in 1943 I was on 2 per day (PZI at breakfast, Reg at
supper). That must have been before they started figuring that they had to
get all diabetics on 1/day. So I figure 1/day for 1944-1964. I'm not at all
sure of when I switched to 2/day, although I still have a piece of paper
that indicates I was on 2/day in 1972. Anyhow I counted 1965-1986 as 2/day.
In 1987 and first half of 1988 I was on 2/day plus occasional bedtime
corrections. In July 1988 I went on 3/day until 7/19/1995 when I started

I made myself an Excel spreadsheet with one row for each year and came up
with a total of 33,356 injections. I also used the spreadsheet to calculate
that I spent 19,217 days on injections (Excel knows how to subtract dates).
And just for curiosity I divided 24,900 by 365.25 to show that at the rate
of 1/day it would take 68.17 years to reach 24,900 injections. Since my
spreadsheet is not small (more than 60 rows) I decided not to include it
with this report. I know that Michael won't allow attachments, and I have
seen a few mangled spreadsheets that others tried to include in messages.

Also, please note that 33,356 is a very precise number but its accuracy may
be off by several hundred.

Roger Campbell said:
>My guess is Tom is higher as he is about 3 years longer on the pump.<
3 years longer on the pump would mean 3 years LESS injections. But I also
had 4 or 5 years more injections at the beginning.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 7/19/1995, 508 9/2000
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