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Re: [IP] Bottom of Bottle - refrigerators.

> Of course the Motels at Disney World charged you for
> yours.  they are nothing but a bunch of money hungry *&^$%&* , who gouge
> the world and cry that they aren't making money in order to raise their
> park admissions fees.
Disney bashing--not just for the French anymore!

Not making money? Doesn't Michael Eisner make something like
$200,000,000/year? Let's see, if he put a fridge in every room and deducted
it from his salary, he would only bring home $199,900,000. Perhaps a
diabetic boycott is in order. Oops, not this year--I'm taking my kids to
Disney World!

BTW, I travel extensively and I don't recall ever being charged for a
fridge. I just explain what it is for and they consistently have waived the
fee. Some chains, like Residence Inn, always have a fridge included in the
room. Tho a couple of times I had to use the "cash bar" fridge. I was always
afraid housekeeping would charge me for the insulin too!!

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