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Re: [IP] Bottom of Bottle - refrigerators.

At 03:40 PM 4/5/02, you wrote:
>Susan wrote:
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Re: Bottom of the Bottle
><I usually request a small refrigerator in motel/hotel rooms and insist on no
><charge because it is for medical purposes. I never have any problems.
>I find most motel have refrigerators, etc.  Went to Disney world last week,  -
>they charge $10.00 per night for refrigerators in their motels.  I tried as
>hard as possible to get the refrigerator without $10.00 as it was for "medical
>purposes".  They would not budge an inch.  Anyone else had better luck with
>them than I did???

I guess it all depends on where you stay.  I stayed at a best western near 
Atlanta last year for my son's wedding, and they had refrigerators in all 
the rooms.   Of course the Motels at Disney World charged you for 
yours.  they are nothing but a bunch of money hungry *&^$%&* , who gouge 
the world and cry that they aren't making money in order to raise their 
park admissions fees.

Who lives near Mickey Money and hats what it's done to the communities near 
it.( now off my soapbox)
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