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Re: [IP] Don't you hate it when...

My pcp last year told me that since my A1c was 8.2, I had a 60% chance of 
having a heart attack in the next two years, and that I needed to beter 
control my blood sugars to reduce that risk. Maybe an 8.2 isn't great, but 
it's not THAT bad!!

Ember Crooks
Type 1 - 7 years. Start pumping in April or May.
Much happier with new doctor, and getting a pump soon!

> > I once had a type two diabetic try to tell me that my problem was my 
> > and
> > that if I would eat right, I would not have to take insulin.
>I can beat that.  How about my physician assignmed to me through my 
>company telling me the same thing.  I just laughed and said  "really??" .  

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