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[IP] Re: Re: Oldies issues

In a message dated 4/5/02 1:13:19 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  any of you equal 24,900 injections over the length of time since your dx 
four or more decades ago? >>

Well, from early 1955 to mid 1985 I took 2 shots a day, except for a few 
months as a teenager when the doctors put me on 1 a day, which I took till I 
realized I couldn't function well enough that way and went back to 2 
(initially lying to my doctor about it -- I thought it was from inadequacy on 
my part).  In 1985 I went on 3 for a couple months, then gave up that daytime 
NPH entirely and went on 4 (or more) till I started pumping in 1998.  So I 
think I probably took well over 40,000 shots.  So yes, some of us were doing 
MDI as far back as 1985.

Oh, that's so depressing.  Oh well, I probably haven't taken more than 10 or 
so since starting pumping.  Don't seem to have forgotten how, though :-).

Linda Z
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