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Re: [IP] more misinformation

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From: "Billie Sue Parker" <email @ redacted>
> I bet these people will have a hard time if their type 2 converts
> to type 1.  Imagine the confusion.

Except that their Type 2 WON'T convert to Type 1 -- they are 2 different
diseases. It is possible that they will need insulin, but that doesn't make
Them Type 1.

The real issue is that uncontrolled diabetics of BOTH types are vulnerable
to those horrible complications, and although treatment methods may differ,
BOTH types can be very hard to control.

One of the tragedies of Type 2 is that PHYSICIANS are very lax about about
control, and many if not most Type 2's get essentially NO education (or
extremely oversimplified education) about diabetes, and thus, even if they
WANTED to and were WILLING to achieve tight control, they are not being
offered the opportunity to do so. You can walk into any pharmacy and get
insulin, but the insulin sensitizers and secretagogues that can help Type
2's are by prescription only, and many docs won't diagnose DM or prescribe
the medications until WAY too late!

When you're talking about ignorance about diabetes, it's actually total
ignorance of BOTH Types, not just Type 1!

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