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Re: [IP] Type I denied life insurance at age 31!

I am no expert, but it may not be on your doctor's testimony.  I was denied
life insurance at the age of 18 being a diabetic only 7 years.  It may just
have been the fact that you are a diabetic.  Just my opinion.


Jenifer Harrison wrote:

> Oh boy!  I know this is going to ruffle some feathers because I am still
> so furious.  BUT, I need some advice on how exactly to handle this
> situation.  First off, I am a 31 yo type I stay-at-home Mom.  I thought I
> should have life insurance to protect my family in case something should
> happen.  I was thinking more along the lines of an accident, but
> apparently I have been denied because of one of my Dr.'s medical
> information on me.  Here's my story, please bare with me, but I need to
> tell ALL the facts. I started seeing an Internal Medicine Dr. after my
> son was born in 2/01.  We had moved to Dallas in 8/00 and I was pregnant
> at the time, so I saw an OB and a Perinatologist to take care of my
> Diabetes and the baby.  I had to choose an IM as my primary dr. as
> dictated by my HMO.  Anyway, I chose a Dr. who turned out to be a nice,
> young Dr. who was knowledgeable on the basics of Diabetes. I think I was
> a mystery to him at times.  I honestly felt that I was telling him about
> Diabetes.  He was not too familiar w/Humalog and the pump.  SO.....he
> referred me onto a specialist (Endocrinologist).  After my son was born I
> had what turns out to be neurological side effects from hypoglycemia.   I
> also had 2 low blood sugar seizures after my son was born (I had had many
> before getting the pump).  I KNOW this was due to my body trying to
> recover from pregnancy as well as stress and lack of sleep, etc.  Anyway,
> around the same ti! me as the seizures, I had 1 episode where my sugar
> dropped  and I developed a facial tick (where one side of my face kept
> smiling and the other side stayed in place).  This happened while I was
> on vacation and I was stressed traveling w/2 kids 2 weeks after 9/11 on
> an airplane by myself w/o my husband.  Luckily this happened at my
> sister's house right after we got there.  It took an hour for my bg to
> get back up and scared the begeezus out of my sister and daughter, me
> too!  The IM said that he wanted me to have a CT Scan.  I called my new
> ENdo (who I was waiting to see at the time) and they said that I was
> having neurological side effects from hypoglycemia and that they see that
> on a daily basis.  They told me that they did not feel that I needed a CT
> scan but didn't want to tell me one way or the other until they saw me,
> so I waited until I saw the new ENdo. to make that decision (I would have
> to pay extensively out of pock! et for the CT scan, but my husband and I
> decided it was well worth it if it was necessary, the big question being
> IF).  After my endo. saw me I decided that if anything else occurred, I
> would have the CT scan.  Nothing did and I have not had anymore episodes,
> seizures, etc.  My hgA1c was 6.4 prior to pregnancy, 4.8 at the end of
> the preg., 5.4 after, then 5.8 and most recently was 6.0 (which the Dr.'
> says is where he wants me to be).  I have NEVER been hospitalized for any
> complications relating to Diabetes. Now the life ins. company came out
> and took a blood sample AND urine sample and approved me and then I get a
> letter yesterday stating I have been denied because of the IM's report.
> My question is:  THey have info. from my ENdo who I have been seeing for
> 6+months AND they have my blood work AND urine.  Can they deny me on one
> doctor's testimony who does not specialize in Diabetes?  If I can't get
> life insurance now, if I apply for ins. with any other company don't they
> ask you if you have ever been denied?  Doesn't that play a big role in if
> they will even look at you to be insured?  My first instict is to call a
> lawyer b/c if this is what Diabetics have to face, then we are in big
> trouble.  Do I have to go back to work so I can get the standard $10,000
> life insurance so my family can at least have expenses covered if the
> unfortunate happens?  I don't want to do that.   Thank you for listening
> and I am sorry it is so long.  You needed to know ALL the facts so you
> can tell me if I am way off base here.  I did talk to the agents sec. and
> I asked if we can appeal this and she said the agent will call me today.
> SHe was so sympathetic and I apologized for pleading my case to her.
> Told her I was scared and mad that my life is worth nothing to this
> company and if an accident occurs my family gets nothing.  SAD!   Thank
> you for listening!  I welcome anything you all have to say.   Jenifer
> (Jenie) Harrisondx'd 7/93, pumping since 8/99, 2 kids Back to the life
> insurance -
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