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[IP] Don't you hate it when....


I was at a pharmacy waiting on a prescription years
ago and this man was standing at the counter with me. 
He looks at me, points to the bend of his arm (like
his veins) and says you got sugar? Also with the
southern twang.  I was screaming internally also J  I
grabbed my jean pockets like I was searching for a
sugar pack and said, sorry I dont have any with me.
 He looked at me confused and said no, I mean bad
sugar  I replied sorry, I dont have any with me. 
Then he pointed to the insulin the pharmacist had
brought to the counter for me to pay for.  I said OH
YOU MEAN DIABETES  Yes, I am diabetic
That was the end of that.  I smirked to myself as I
walked away.:)  Bet he will think twice before he
calls it sugar again!  
Tell Kevin to just take the uneducated comments with a
grain of salt-or should I say sugar :)

We had a repairman here yesterday and when he was
leaving he asked "who 
has the sugar di-a-beetes" You know with that southern
twang.  I 
answered, my
son does...which I guess gave him permission to tell
me about every 
member, including his Mom, who had it in the last 10
years. Then, he 
his voice to barely a whisper to tell me about all the
they got throughout the years. "After my Momma lost
both her legs, she 
told me
I needed to watch it too. But I told her, I don't eat
sugar!" (which is 
I screamed internally!) I tried to tell him, Kevin
didn't get it from
sugar...but figured, it was no use with this man! He
was set in his 

Don't you just hate it though? I hate that Kevin will
have to deal with 
stupidity forever!

Mom to Kevin, 14, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99

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