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[IP] Re: Oldies issues

Cynthia wrote:
>>> ... I can say that I would not want to see the "old days" where I tried
to control my diabetes with 70/30 twice a day. <snip>  Billie, I was
surprised to hear that you did MDI for 16 years!  I had only heard of it
about 4-5 years ago and went to Mayo for training and
thought it was new then. >>>

> - --- Billie Sue Parker
> > I do remember, I did MDI for 16 years, but life has changed so much for
me.  My diabetes is actually a "every moment of the day thing."  On two
shots a day and calorie counting, ... > >

Actually, Cynthia may be right - two shots a day is DDI (Dual Daily
Injections) whereas MDI is Multiple Daily Injections (3 or more). I am in
the IP 24,900 Club but it's a lie - one shot a day for 31 years and 2 a day
for two years does not add up to that many injections. Michael is nice and
allows me to be in there anyway. We also did not have 70/30 insulin then.

Roger? Tom? Barbara? Others? what about you guys - any of you equal 24,900
injections over the length of time since your dx four or more decades ago? I
suppose it also depends on when pumping started - almost two decades of that
for me which was before MDI came about. I escaped that. YMMV (~_^)

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