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Re: [IP] defective ultraflex tubing pulled away from the screw end


I have had a similar problem with the tubing on my daughters pump, except
that it has happened at the Site end rather than the pump end. I have the
name of the gentleman that you should call at Disetronic, but
unfortunately it is at home and I am at work. When I get home, if you
have not already contacted them, I will e-mail you his details.

I think it is David someone and he is in charge of customer complaints
and quality issues. I also sent him several of my daughters defective
tubes and am waiting for him to get back with me.

Let me know if I can send you his details later.


>From: Betsy Polley <email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: [IP]
defective ultraflex tubing pulled away from the screw end >Date: Fri, 05
Apr 2002 08:44:28 -0500 > >Hi, I recently had a defective ULtraflex set
and I am wondering if >anyone >else has had a similar problem with the
ultraflex or any other set. >My >blood sugar unexpectedly shot up to 490
(I know I was low about 5 >hours >before - checked my pump of course and
the tubing of the ultraflex >had >pulled out of the part that screws onto
the pump. The tubing was >hanging >from my pump by a nylon thread. >I;ve
pumped for a number of years and have never seen a tubing pull >out of
>the screw end like that. I was shocked and quite honestly am scared >to
try >another ultraflex - I went back to my old tenders. >There were no
unusually hard pulls on my tubing - I do have three >kids >(ages 4, 2,
and 10 months) and the 10 mo old especially likes to >pull on >the tubing
while nursing, but that certainly shouldn't pull the >tubing off >the
screw end. >I plan to call Disetronic asap and I saved the defective set
to send >them. >I did search the Maude database at FDA and didn't see any
similar >reports. >Thanks so much >Betsy Polley, age 35, diabetic since
1974, Disetronic v100 since >1994, >mother of three young kids thanks to
my pump. >email @ redacted
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