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[IP] RE: pregnancy question

To Dal, who was put on bedrest at 28 weeks:
I had pre-eclampsia with all three kids, and I hate to say it, but at any 
sign of high blood pressure in the third trimester - even if you think it's 
stress related - please follow the doc's advice.  With my first my blood 
pressure was high at 30 weeks and my doc put me on bed rest. I'm a busy 
person too and I didn't really do it. Ended up in the hospital on bedrest 
and they induced me at 34 weeks because my pre-eclampsia had gotten to 
dangerous levels.
In my experience pre-eclampsia happens pretty quickly and once it gets 
started your goal is to keep things stable enough to let that baby stay in. 
You'd lke to get that baby at least to 36 weeks.  My 34 weeker spent 1.5 
weeks in the NICU, my other two were each born at 36 weeks and only had 2 
and 4 days in the NICU. Every week you can give them helps tremendously.
Keep that baby in there!
Betsy Polley <email @ redacted>
 age 35, diabetic since 1974, Disetronic v100 since 1994, mother of three
young kids thanks to my pump
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