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Re: [IP] Pregancy and Questions


In both of my pregnancies I experienced lots of lows in the first
trimester.  In fact, my glucometer would say "LO" (think that is <20). 
Think that is normal b/c the baby is getting nutrition and your body is
not used to it AND not to mention your hormones are raging at this point
(although the hormones tend to block insulin  which leads to your
increase in insulin usage).  My Perinatologist told me that the baby
doesn't experience the lows like we do.  In the beginning (very early on)
the placenta is not formed yet and later when it is formed, the baby has
a working pancreas which can produce insulin as well as glucagon (which
regulates blood sugar as well as making insulin which our bodies do not
produce).   I know it is harder the second time around when you have
another child.  If those dishes have to pile up, let them.  If you have a
child young enough that takes naps - nap when he/she does.  My dau!
ghgter was 5 when I was pregnant last year with my son and I would go to
bed at night when she did at night.   

Are you working with a Perinatologist?  He/She will help you get your
diabetes under control by checking 10+ times a day AND fine tuning your
basal rates.  Most importantly you will want to make sure your
post-prandial (1-2 hours after a meal) is within normal range.  You can
do this!  It is more of a challenge when you are pregnant b/c you have
your hormones working against you, but with close monitoring and a lot of
hard work - it can be done!   I thought I had good control prior to
pregnancy (6.4 hgA1C), but looking back through my glucometers memory
(which stores 100's of readings), I realized that my control wasn't as
good as I thought and I had a lot of room for improvement. 

Brenda, you always will find an encouraging word here.  There are many of
us who know what you are going through and can help you through this
exciting time!  



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