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[IP] defective ultraflex tubing pulled away from the screw end

Hi,  I recently had a defective ULtraflex set and I am wondering if anyone 
else has had a similar problem with the ultraflex or any other set.  My 
blood sugar unexpectedly shot up to 490 (I know I was low about 5 hours 
before - checked my pump of course and the tubing of the ultraflex had 
pulled out of the part that screws onto the pump. The tubing was hanging 
from my pump by a nylon thread.
I;ve pumped for a number of years and have never seen a tubing pull out of 
the screw end like that. I was shocked and quite honestly am scared to try 
another ultraflex - I went back to my old tenders.
There were no unusually hard pulls on my tubing - I do have three kids 
(ages 4, 2, and 10 months) and the 10 mo old especially likes to pull on 
the tubing while nursing, but that certainly shouldn't pull the tubing off 
the screw end.
I plan to call Disetronic asap and I saved the defective set to send them. 
I did search the Maude database at FDA and didn't see any similar reports.
Thanks so much
Betsy Polley, age 35, diabetic since 1974, Disetronic v100 since 1994, 
mother of three young kids thanks to my pump.
email @ redacted
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