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Re: [IP] beach and pump

The one thing I've always done is wear shorts over my suit and have the pump 
"hang" from the waist band, like any other day.  But when I am actually 
letting the sun worship me, I would usually put it beside me on the towel and 
cover is with a shirt, just so that it isn't directly in the sun.  When I had 
a Disetronic, and before they sent the warning out saying that some pumps 
cracked in-between the battery slots, I didn't worry about the water.  If I 
was in saltwater, I just made sure that I rinsed it off with fresh water 
after I left the beach.  Now that I have a MM508, if I am just sitting in the 
sun, I still cover it with a shirt.  If I go in the water, I just go in to 
get wet, so I suspend, run in and get wet, and come back and hook up again.  
I'm usually with someone who will stay and make sure nothing is taken, so I 
don't worry about it disappearing.

That's all I can think of that I do, but I am sure there are other ideas and 
stuff that will come!

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