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[IP] Re: Type I denied life insurance at age 31!

I wanted to get 10 years term life insurance in my early 30's and was denied 
and I thought "don't they think I will live 10years!"  I had been going 
through a divorce and my diabetes was way out of control.  My A1C was 13.9 
and even though I had told my doctor I was stressed, the doctor put "patient 
feels fine" in the notes (I saw the copy they sent to my insurance company).  
I think if you have any condition they will deny you.  I decided not to die 
and then increase my life insurance at work whenever I could do it without a 

When I graduated from college I was able to switch to an individual BC/BS 
health insurance policy from the one that I was covered under my Dad's 
insurance.  They told me not to let it lapse because they would not take me 
back.  This was at 22 and 6 years of being diabetic.

If you are just interested in accidental insurance,  they should not take 
your diabetes into consideration because we would have the same chance of 
dying in an accident as someone else. I know at work I can get this rather 
cheap without any health considerations.

Type 1 26 years and pumping 2 1/2 years (Novolog)
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