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[IP] Pregancy and Questions

I am 26 years old dx with diabetes at age 12.  During all these years I never 
really experienced many complications.  But at the age of 20 I became 
pregnant, during that time I was still injecting.  My blood sugars were just 
about impossible to keep under control.  I experienced many embarassing 
moments due to low blood sugars.  I have been on the pump now for about 2 1/2 
years.  Have not had many problems at all.  The Dr's thought my pregnancy 
would be much easier on the pump.  I have been pumping know for 2 1/2 years.  
About 2 weeks ago I found out I was pregnant (what a surprise).  I am a 
little worried because at the time my HA1C was not very good.  But I have 
noticed my blood sugars dropping very low again.  I cannot understand how 
this is called good control, I think it is out of hand.  My biggest problem 
is this time I have a child and I cannot spend most of my pregnancy out of it 
and helpless.  It is a very scarey and stressful situation.  Has anybody 
experienced a problem like this?  Do you have any suggestions?  

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