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Re: [IP] Type I denied life insurance at age 31!

>   I am so glad you mentioned  this company, any company, > Jenie

I have had two life insurance policies at my own cost (in addition to
employer's policy). I had a $100,000 policy with State Insurance Co., which
cost about $700/year. I cancelled that because I got a better deal from
TransAmerica--$300,000 for about $1,200/year. In both cases they knew I was
diabetic and they required a physical first (sent a roving nurse or doctor
to my house). They do want to know your A1C, and mine was excellent. I
suppose someone who has serious complications or other health problems would
have a harder time getting insurance, if at all.

As someone else said, it's not so much that insurance companies won't do it
(though some don't), but rather a question of cost. By my ballpark
calculations you can expect to pay double what a "normal" person would.  I
got the fairly large amount because it would pay off the house and keep my
family froming selling apples. To me it's worth it. I pay more than that for
auto insurance.

E-mail me privately if you want the name/number of my broker. He deals with
different companies and he is a lawyer/CPA, so he's pretty good about
getting it right.

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