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Re: [IP] Re: blood in cannula

> For the second time today (4/4) I am experiencing
> blood in my cannula. I use the Sils with my MM 508,
> and this has never happened in the 2 years (today!)
> that I have been pumping. Now, it has gone into the
> infusion set also. I am at college and I only have 1
> extra infusion set with me (lucky). What is causing
> this and how can I stop it? The site is very sore too,
> if that helps. Thanks for any info, you can email me
> personally at my IP address also!

It's a good bet that the set has either penetrated a little too deep 
or nicked a capillary. As long as your bg's are OK, this is harmless. 
What may happen is that blood pooled around the cannula tip may 
impede absorption necessitating a site change .... sigh......

Stuff happens ya know.

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