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RE: [IP] Type I denied life insurance at age 31!

>>> Don't they ask if you have ever been
denied life insurance?  If so, there goes that plan.>>>

When employment is terminated, there is usually an offer to convert the life
policy through the group to an individual one - without a medical exam. Take
it!  Back in the '60s we got a family policy on my hugsband and two babies.
I was not included. I was told at the time, all the insurance companies have
a *common pool* (of sorts) of knowledge about whom is denied. With today's
technology, that info is readily available at fingertips. Besides, the
question is always on the application - do you have diabetes? It must be
answered truthfully even if someone were never denied before. If they find
out it was a lie, the premiums are refunded and you'd be classified as a
*liar* - or watched very carefully.

We had automobile insurance in the '60s also that was a 4-month pay. We
wanted to go with a little cheaper plan and applied for a 6-month one.
Denied! Why? Because of the DM on that family policy. Our agent was very
concerned and asked the 4-mo policy to take us back since most policies go 6
months. They did. Whew!!!  But it can get pretty touchy.

The only way I have had medical insurance is through my hugsband's
employers. He'd like to retire in 2 yrs, but must work to keep a policy
going. My $2,500 policy won't bury both legs in the ground at the same
time - but I don't plan to go a piece at a time, either. ;) I'm pretty high
maintenance. :(((

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