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RE: [IP] Type I denied life insurance at age 31!

> Jennifer,
> I too am in the Dallas area.
> I tried to increase my daughter's (now age 12) life insurance that
> we got her at birth and it was denied. I tried to buy her an
> additional policy and couldn't get it. The ONLY chance we have of
> increasing her life policy is at her wedding date, her 25th birthday
> or some other life occurrence but I'll have to check my calendar
> because I can't remember it!

Might I suggest an alternative.

Invest the money you would have paid in premiums in a diversified 
mutual fund. With an annual growth rate of 7-8% (most do better) the 
principal you add monthly plus the annual growth will exceed the face 
value of any life insurance policy within 10 years. This is exactly 
how the insurance companies make their money. This is a very good 
investment on behalf of a child. You might consider placing the funds 
in a 529 account so that if they are used for education, the interest 
and gain on the account will be free of federal taxation under 
current IRS rules.

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