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Re: [IP] Type I denied life insurance at age 31!

In a message dated 4/4/02 12:55:43 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Thank you, Connie!  Okay, so I don't feel singled out, but isn't Diabetes
 a disease we can live with?  I could understand if I had a terminal
 disease, but this doesn't seem right.  Guess I am the last to know.  I
 have always had life insurance through my employer, but do not want to go
 back to work just to get that.  Don't they ask if you have ever been
 denied life insurance?  If so, there goes that plan. >>

Having insurance is not a "right." Nobody is entitled to it. The hard, cold 
facts are that insurance companies (which are businesses) look at the 
statistics. Overall, people with diabetes do not live as long as people who 
do not have diabetes. That may change in the future as people with diabetes 
adopt tight control. Right now, however, all of the people who were diagnosed 
years ago when we did not have the tools we have today to maintain control 
are in the mix. 

Group policies (through your employer or association) differ from individual 
policies. In a group policy, a number of people share the risk. In an 
individual policy, you're the only one in the risk pool. 

There are companies that cover high-risk people. You may have to pay a higher 
premium for less coverage, but that's the way business works.

Jan and Elvis
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