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RE: [IP] MiniMed's Paradigm

From: "John Morse" <email @ redacted>
Is the MiniMed Paradigm different from the 508?  I hope so !! .....SO WHAT IS NEW?  A new battery
(good); maybe shockproof; and now claiming waterproof (operating 24 hours under water?), but what
about the performance of the unit?  So what are the technological innovations other than
repackaging? <snip>
My response:
I have a Paradigm.  The only similarity to the 508 is the way it times basals (.1 unit at a time)
and the time it takes to deliver a bolus (slow, to eliminate 'pooling'), and some of the screens
(where you set bolus, basal, temp basal).
What's new:
No clicks when delivering a bolus.
A menu system and a screen with 5 lines of display.  So if you want to get to the utility that
shows you your daily totals, you pick utilities off the menu and go straight there.  Once there,
instead of each day being on a different screen, requiring button pushing to view it, you get a
display with 4 days of totals, and a way to scroll through the display without pushing buttons. 
The basal review and bolus history screens work the same way.
The way you fill the reservoirs and load them into the pump is new.  The pump calculates the
amount of insulin in the reservoir automatically.  The prime takes seconds instead of minutes.  I
could go on, but I think you get the idea.  It is totally new technology, not repackaging.
It is awesome.  I LOVE MY PARADIGM.

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