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From: +ACI-Scott Strumello+ACI- +ADw-sstrumello+AEA-usa.net+AD4-
+AD4- The fact remains that while good glycemic control dramatically reduces the
+AD4- risk of complications, having DM still results in a statistically higher
+AD4- of encountering kidney disease, retinopathy, neuropathy, and
+AD4- disease than the general population, even with good control.

That's because the definition of +ACI-good+ACI- control is still pretty lax, and
docs will pat you on the back for pretty poor results.

Which is not to say that truly GOOD control is easy, or even achievable for
some, but if your A1c is at DCCT standards for good control (i.e. 7+ACU-) it's
still significantly above normal.

I just saw an article that said that NORMAL A1c for non-diabetics is
somewhere around 5.3 -- the oft-quoted figure of 6.0 is statistical, not
based on actual outcomes.

So we do the best we can, but we KNOW that diabetes is still not a

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