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Re: [IP] Type I denied life insurance at age 31!

I just signed my sons (1 of whom has diabetes) up through work, but for a paltry $4,000, which wouldn't cover a casket.
8(  It was the most I could get them without submitting a blood and urine sample.  I also signed my wife up for the same
amount as you, again, without the medical info.  I do not think that when (many) people talk about life insurance, they
are talking about policies less than a couple hundred thousand $$. But everyone's needs are different.

It is so wrong, though I CAN see where the (stupid) insurance companies are coming from (in denying insurance to people
with Diabetes).

For those that want it, has anyone thought of creating an annuity (or similar) to act as some sort of homemade insurance
policy?  Too bad interest rates are almost at an all time low...

Mike O  (who does not like discrimination, especially from insurance companies)

jennifer pitts wrote:

>  hey, i have life insurance through my husbands work & they know i'm a diabetic 40,000. i didnt have to fight either
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