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Re: [IP] Type I denied life insurance at age 31!

 From: "Jenifer Harrison"
>>>Oh boy!  I know this is going to ruffle some feathers because I am still
so furious.  BUT, I need some advice on how exactly to handle this
situation.  First off, I am a 31 yo type I stay-at-home Mom.  I thought I
should have life insurance to protect my family in case something should
happen.  I was thinking more along the lines of an accident, but
apparently I have been denied because of one of my Dr.'s medical information
on me. >>>


I was denied life insurance at age 18 - because of IDDM and I'm going to
die. That was about 45 years ago! The only way I have been able to get a
life policy was through employment in 1958 - and it's only $2,500!! I'm
still paying $40 a year on it. In high school when I asked about a policy
for me the agent said insurance is like salvation, you have to have it
before you need it.

No matter the statistics you gave about your condition and your one dr's
report, the fact is that you have IDDM and insurance companies have that
question on their forms. Dr's report or not, you have to answer the
questions truthfully (which is *yes*) or the insurance is taken away when
they find out, but you'd get your premium back.

We may feel good (I wish), but the ones who pay out the policies and don't
make enough on premiums to cover their costs, make the decisions and DM is
one of those *factors* they consider. HIV is another one - people are living
much longer now with new drugs, etc. Look into getting an accidental death
policy only and maybe you'll be successful. So sorry, and I'm one of the
DMers so I'm not being heartless. <3

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