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[IP] MiniMed's Paradigm

Dear Insulin Pumpers -- Paradigm

Dear Pumpers,

        Is the MiniMed Paradigm different from the 508?  I hope so !!  That it
will have fewer electronic problems, that it has solved the slow basal
injection rate? (it is still the same as the 508), that it has immediate
indication of an occulation? (it doesn't), and that it has a faster rate of
bolus injection? (it doesn't, it is still as slow as the 508, 1/10 of a unit
every 35 seconds, 1 unit in 7.5 minutes).
        SO WHAT IS NEW?  A new battery (good); maybe shockproof; and now
claiming waterproof (operating 24 hours under water?), but what about the
performance of the unit?  So what are the technological innovations other than
        Please reply.
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