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[IP] Re: oldies issue

From: email @ redacted
>>> No meter, so I read the stripes visually and cut them in thirds or
fourths to save money (insurance did not cover). >>>

Those first strips that I used ('82) were Chemstrip bg. They had a two part
pad on the end and the results were interpolated by comparing between the
two. I had to always have a watch with a second hand since it took 60
seconds by a clock. We wiped the blood off with a cotton ball at a certain
point, then waited. At that time, Bayer was making Visidex and a friend of
my dtr worked in that dept. He gave me $800 worth of Visidex strips. I
preferred the Chemstrip bg's - but hey, they were free.

>>> I didn't want to go all night not knowing where my sugar level was at
and I went 10 years without testing except at the doctors!>>>

I went 31 years not ever knowing except the one test periodically at the
dr's office or lab. I can see why my family thinks *what's the big deal* now
since I never did before. As I said before, DM can be a lonely disease. YMMV

OH - another *flashback: My first *Chemistry Profile* (early '80s) I took my
neighbor with me. The doctor said it would be 32 tests and I had no idea
what I'd be going through!!! (~_^)

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