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Re: [IP] pregnancy

I'm expecting my 3rd child in Aug.  My second as a diabetic.  I fully agree 
with you.  It's hard to be on Bedrest but it's harder to think you could have 
avoided causing your unborn child any trauma.  At the beginning of this 
pregnancy i was insulin resisstant.  My BS was 198.  This was Over the Top 
for me.  I'm T2 and usually my sugars on meds are well within the normal 
range.  Now I"m almost 20 weeks into this pregnancy and I'm up to 100 units 
of insulin in the morning and over 50 in the evenings.  The doctors and 
perinatologists have suggested the Pump to make my life easier and to ensure 
that the insulin i'm getting is absorbed properly.  However, I'm horrible 
with math and numbers and the more mails i get about ratios and boluses the 
more i fear it may not be for me.  But anywho if you ever need another Preggo 
about to be Bedrest Bound Send me an email.
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