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[IP] Re: oldies issue

> Amazing any of us made it!

I keep thinking that and about how much everything has changed!

I was diagnosed in 1973 and took 2 units of Lente a day for about the first 
year. I followed my diet to the letter.  Eventually the honeymoon ended and I 
took more Lente and regular insulin.  Very little flexibility.  I did urine 
test for a while but decided that they were not very useful.  I learned that 
carbs were carbs and candy could be substituted for bread and fruit 
exchanges!  I started testing glucose regularly in 1983 when I became 
pregnant.  No meter, so I read the stripes visually and cut them in thirds or 
fourths to save money (insurance did not cover).  When I was in labor my 
doctor had me read the stripes because he felt that I was more used to it 
than the labor nurses!  I was taking 2 shots a day then and actually had very 
good BG.  It was downhill after I had my daughter.

Now I have to laugh because I have actually bought a backup meter when I left 
my main meter at work because I didn't want to go all night not knowing where 
my sugar level was at and I went 10 years without testing except at the 

Type 1 28 years, pumping 2 1/2 years.
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