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[IP] Re: Using Audio Boluses/Remotes

 <<all you pumpers (especially the ladies) who make use of audio
boluses/remote boluses on your pumps -- what can you tell me that will
reassure this pumpmama that she's not lilkely to make errors in bolus 
if she starts using this feature?????>>

Claire uses the H-tron, but if I remember correctly from looking at the 
Animas, its audio bolus feature seemed to work the exact same way.  
I NEVER look at the screen for her boluses.  We just "listen for the beeps".  
Claire keeps her pump in her undies!!! and isn't too shy about pulling it 
out, even though she could do a bolus just by feel.  We love this method of 
giving boluses, I would never trust a young child to use a scroll amount.  Of 
course, Katie is old enough for that.  I think she will do just fine "with 
the beeps".
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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