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[IP] Re: Pump Accessories

<< Do any ladies (or gent's) know if there is a leg band available to
  conceal the
   pump while wearing a dress? >>

One more idea...I bought a 2 " self-adhering tensor bandage (sticks to itself)
and cut it in half, wrapped it around my thigh and clipped my pump to it.  I
tried it out today for the first time and it worked great!  Very comfy and no
slippage.  There are tensors with velcro which would probably work too.
Another idea I had for lower on the leg is a "sock-garter".  Still yet to try
that one, but I have clipped the pump to the top of trouser socks with success
when it seemed too bulky to wear on my waist.
I love the practical ideas that everyone shares on here - thanks... I like the
foley catheter strap idea!
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