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Re: [IP] more misinformation

Regarding misinformation, when I was younger (preteen, I think...) I once 
had an older T2 man try to tell me that I was born diabetic, they just 
didn't realize it till I was seven.  Ha.  An interesting [heated] debate 
ensued...  an adamant argumentative teenager vs an elderly man who thought 
he had an MD degree.

I've also heard people say (very recently, actually!) that their doctors 
told them they had to start eating less sugar or else they'd "catch" 
diabetes.  I wonder, were they joking and the patients didn't catch on, or 
did they really believe it?



> > My thought in much of the *misinformation* out there is, most DMers 
> > have a clue what they have or what it is nor the latest treatments. 
> > add on the family members of those people - and they know even less. 
> > start flying. YMMV (~_^)

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