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[IP] he good old badold days

>  >change insulin doses?  Did the doctors just start you on a
> units per body
>  >weight type of average?  I'm just curious, it is very
> interesting reading
>  >about the changes in the past 50 years.
it was mostly art and not much science. patients were started on insulin by
the cookbook approach  urine sugars wre used to regulate insulin. everyone
tested for ketones wnen over 3+. because dka was common. urione sugars wre
evaluated by % of glucose, trace = 0.5%, green-bue color, 1+ more yellow
green 1% gl;ucose, 2+ green, 1.5%, 3+ blue with orange mettalic flakes 2%,
4+ 2% or over. bright orange. acetest tablets light mauve = trace ketonesto
purple lotso ketones. Normal kidneys would spill glucose like water over a
dam at 180 mg/dl . I was taught to interpolate to find my sugar. we didnt
have disposable needles and syringes, no insulin pens, glass syringes boiled
on the sink in a strainer. (Still have my little pot and strainer.)
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