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[IP] oldies issues

From: "Sharon Brousseau" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] oldies issues

I was diagnosed as a diabetic in the mid 70's and remember those strips for
testing "sugar" in the urine and comparing colors on the side of the
container. In their infinite wisdom - the testing manufacturers didn't seem
tell us what to do when the "sugar" indicator was too high. I don't recall
having a clue what to do-we didn't have regular insulin back then. Do you
think the panic room would be a good service for us 'betics back then? How
the world did we make it to this point? We survived any way we knew how. I
don't think the panic room sounds like a good idea unless it is triple
reinforced from bombs (one may get crushed in there), fire (one may bake in
there) and gases (no comment:).
I do believe being a diabetic back then did cause a lot of panic and
discomfort. We new high sugars were Baaad control but we didn't know what we
were supposed to do about it. Now we bolus or change our set! We Got That
Going For Us! Sharon B.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
no regular indulin, that would have been fatal, you mean no analogs like
humulog dont cha, sharron dont make things worse than they were  spot
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