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[IP] Pump issue for those who use less than 25 units/day

>FACT. Many kids and adults that use pumps while still in the
>honeymoon phase, routinely run basal rates of 0.0 u/hr for many hours
>of the day. This does NOT cause problems, they do NOT have insulin
>crystalizing in the tubing. They DO maintain good control without
>having to change their sets or tubing.

>The continuing stories that low volumetric insulin flow causes
>problems has reached the status of URBAN MYTH. It simply is not true.

>email @ redacted

I absolutely agree! My husband is on the pump and does construction work. With
all the extra exercise on workdays (and maybe honeymoon too...we are not
sure), he is on a zero basal for 5 hours out of the day. (On weekends this
basal is .8) His endo had a fit when he saw his basal rate because he was
absolutely sure that would cause occlusion problems. He also said his basals
were very "advanced" and wanted to know WHO set his basal rates for him! After
all, how could you be capable of doing that yourself? Duhhh... Hubby has used
this basal for several months with absolutely no problems whatsoever. Most
endos still believe that pumps will have occlusion problems with rates like
this. Absolutely not true!

The endo also wanted to know who gave a hubby a pump so soon after diagnosis
(6 months). He is seeing a different endo from when he was first diagnosed and
it looks like it is time for ANOTHER one. He acted as though he would of never
considered putting him on a pump so soon. I'd like to see a doctor like that
do shots and stick to an eating schedule for a few months and see which they
prefer! I think the pump is great because he would be hypoing all day on
shots. He couldn't forego a daytime shot, because he needs a basal for the
other seven hours of the day which are before and after the zero basal.

Wife of Carey, dx'd T1 12/00
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