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[IP] Square bottles and other old stuff

We are really dating ourselves pretty much by remembering the square NPH
bottles! And the green tops for U-80 before U-100 finally came out. I
too remember "rattling" the bottle between my hands while mixing the
suspension, the bottle clunking on my rings. And those massive single
dose injections (up to 1 cc). Ugh! Howsabout sharpening your own
needles, and boiling the glass syringes each and every time?!? I later
graduated into leaving the syringe suspended in IPA for a few days
instead of boiling each day. I thought it a God send when disposable
needles, then syringes, finally came out. And those bloody clinetest
5/10 drop tablets...or even Benedict's solution?!? Ugh! I was an
original guinea pig for a BG tester way back when. We have come a long
way, baby!

I just started on my Animas pump yesterday and am really excited about
reducing the daily hassle of injections that I have endured for over 47
years. Having survived so far with pretty great health with all the
clutter from the past, I really believe life with diabetes is pretty
damned fine these days. Never easy, but then there a lot worse medical
woes than this!!

I've really enjoyed reading all the feedback on this digest for the past
several months, and hope to "put my 2 cents worth of help" in often now
that I am finally a pumper. Lots of insight from IP has helped greatly.

All the best,

JackSprat  IDDM Type 1 for 47+ years, pumping for 29 hours
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