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[IP] Minimed Pump & Meters Software CD

This message is addressed to anyone (probably a physician) who owns
the Minimed Com Station and uses it to download data from either the
CGMS or any Minimed pump model to the PC.

I live in France. Minimed sells the Com Station here _only_ with the
"Solutions Center" software for the CGMS. The "Pump & Meters" software
for insulin pumps and glucose analyzers is not available and cannot be
ordered for shipment to a French address.

I use a Minimed 508. My physician is willing to order a Com Station so
I can download dosage data to my PC for analysis. (I'll reimburse the
physician for the cost of the Com Station.) I'll receive no technical
support from Minimed, so I'll purchase and use the Com Station at my
own risk. I accept this risk. (I'm skilled with computers and
statistics.) Since the Com Station delivered here includes only the
software for the CGMS, I'll still need the "Pump & Meters" software.

Minimed informed me that the "Pump & Meters" software is provided
*free* to any owner of a Com Station in the U.S. It is a single CD and
the current version is 3.0. The product reference number is MMT-7311.
A U.S.-based Com Station owner can order the program by calling
1-(800) 843-6687.

There are no licensing restrictions placed on this software. That is,
according to Minimed, any Com Station owner can obtain as many copies
of this software as they see fit and install it on as many PC's as
they like.

I am looking for a Com Station owner who is willing to order a (free)
copy of the "Pump & Meters" software CD and forward it to me in France
by air mail. I will pay all postage fees -- it'll be less than $5 --
in advance with a check drawn on a U.S. bank. (I am also willing to
pay for a consultation fee, since I'd otherwise gladly make an
appointment and visit your office in the U.S. to make the same
request. FYI, I am *not* covered by a U.S. health plan.) Making and
satisfying this request are both perfectly legal.

I want to use the Com Station dosage data for statistical analysis of
my insulin requirement. My bg's are well controlled, so bg analysis is
uninformative. (bg, after all, is the *dependent* variable.) My TDD
changes to keep the bg's stable and I would like to correlate these
changes with a number of *independent* variables, including month,
caloric intake, and even barometric pressure. The data-gathering will
take several years. I'm not sure I'll find any useful correlations,
much less any probable causes (I'm aware of the difference), but I'd
sure like to try. The Com Station will allow this work to commence.

If you possess a Com Station and are prepared to help with my request,
please e-mail me privately at email @ redacted or
email @ redacted

regards, Andy
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