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Re: [IP] oldies issues

From: "Sharon Brousseau"
>>>I was diagnosed as a diabetic in the mid 70's and remember those strips
for testing "sugar" in the urine and comparing colors on the side of the
container. <snip> I don't recall having a clue what to do-we didn't have
regular insulin back then. >>>

This is the second person saying *we* didn't have Regular insulin back then.
I did in 1950 and Roger did in 1943 (?) - Tom Beatson?? I'm wondering how
many DMers had drs who maybe thought the *new* NPH ('50) was sort of like
Lantus - a constant basal and, back then, a cure-all.  Regular was the first
insulin, then additives made it last longer - with diff names. I believe my
first daily dosages were 10 NPH, 2 Reg. = 12 units. When a coverage shot was
needed, I always used Regular. There was not a time I was treated without
Regular - except when switched to Velosulin and Velosulin BR (Nordisk's
Regular) in the pump, then Humalog came out.

I have a pamphlet from Eli Lilly, Co. with the history of insulin: 1923 F.G.
Banting and J.J.R. Macleod of Toronto received the Nobel Prize for the
discovery of insulin. Lilly marketed u-10, u-20, and u-40 concentrations if
Iletin (animal-source) the first commercially available insulin. ((It wasn't
called Regular because there was no other type - yet. The additives came
In 1924 the company introduced Iletin in u-80.
1929 Lilly introduced a special beef animal-source insulin.
1937 the formulating of protamine insulin (1936) by H.C. Hagedorn of
Copenhagen and of protamine zinc insulin ...enabling Lilly to produce PZI
animal-source insulin.
1950 Lilly introduced NPH animal-source insulin
1952: Lilly introduced u-500 concentration animal-source insulin.  Lente
(insulin zinc suspension, Novo) was formulated.
1954 Lilly marketed Lente animal-source insulin
1957 Lilly marketed Semilente and Ultralente animal-source insulins.
1960 Lilly marketed Glucagon.
1973 Lilly introduced u-100 concentration in NPH and Regular animal-source
1983 Lilly introduced Humulin in Regular and NPH formulations
1983 Lilly marketed Humulin L (Lente)
1994 Lilly introduced Humalog.

Of course, Lilly is not about to state what Squibb was doing at the time,
nor NovoNordisk is doing. ;)

BTW, I was pg in '61 & '62 and all coverage shots were Regular. I should
have kept a diary but I was miserable - and cried the whole 8.5 months for
the second one (10 mos 14 days apart). The first insulin was also a brown
color ('22). ewwwww

\(/ Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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