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[IP] Re: Pump issue for those who use less than 25 units/day

I use an MM 508 with a basal of .25 (reads .5 on the pump) for most of the
day which I get by diluting the Humalog 1:1.  And yes, I did have problems
at the beginning with low basals causing No Delivery alarms. I've been doing
this for more than 2 years and I give dilution 95% of the credit for
completely solving my No Delivery problems but it also allows me to very
closely pinpoint my basal on a MiniMed by going between the .1 delivery
amounts. I also like the idea that this mixture is really getting into
me---those ".1s" are so tiny that the greater volume of liquid really
appeals to me--just YMMV at work.

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