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Re: [IP] RE: (pigging out on Easter)

From: email @ redacted

<<  I take humalog 75/25
 mix - 20 units in the morning and 15 units at night  >>

If you are taking pre-mixed insulin, you can't adjust the rapid-acting to 
match your food. I had a doc once who wanted to put me on a pre-mix and I 
flat-out refused. LOL It's a lot easier to be flexible in your meals if you 
use two separate insulins. And when you can be flexible with your food, you 
can maintain better control. So if you decide to have a "pig-out" day, your 
BGs won't go sky-high.

Why don't you ask about mixing your own? In fact, why not insist on it? 
Pre-mix means no flexibility. Ask your doc if he could handle strict 
schedules and carb counts. Betcha he couldn't. Just because we're 
"pancreatically challenged" doesn't mean we're inhuman automatons.

Jan and Elvis
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