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Re: [IP] Pump issue for those who use less than 25 units/day

> I would guess that's because the basal and bolus are low and some
> clotting of insulin in tubing can occur- This was mentioned to me as
> a suggestion along with the possibility of diluting my humalog

This seems to be a common misconception that somehow continues to 

It has been YEARS since insulin crystalization in the tubing has been 
a problem. Two things have eliminated this problem.

1) the advent of Polyfin tubing -- it is designed in a manner that 
inhibits crystalization.

2) modern insulin and insulin-analogs are buffered in a manner that 
inhibits crystalization.

FACT. Many kids and adults that use pumps while still in the 
honeymoon phase, routinely run basal rates of 0.0 u/hr for many hours 
of the day. This does NOT cause problems, they do NOT have insulin 
crystalizing in the tubing. They DO maintain good control without 
having to change their sets or tubing.

The continuing stories that low volumetric insulin flow causes 
problems has reached the status of URBAN MYTH. It simply is not true.

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