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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #225

> At 01:04 PM 4/2/2002 email @ redacted wrote:
>  >Jan,
>  >without home glucose monitoring, how did you even know *when*
> you needed to
>  >change insulin doses?  Did the doctors just start you on a
> units per body
>  >weight type of average?  I'm just curious, it is very
> interesting reading
>  >about the changes in the past 50 years.
> Back in the good-old days, you had no way of knowing what your BG levels
> were "now" (except at the doctor's office). The urine tests sort of told
> you how things were a few hours ago (anyone else remember the +
> measurements, instead of numbers?) My first blood glucose testing began
> with strips where you read color variations from a chart (there were only
> about a half/dozen ranges so it was not very sensitive). I recall getting
> my first BG meter in the mid/late 1980's and thinking it was great (even
> though you had to wash and/or blot the strip at precisely the
> correct time
> to make the results accurate). You basically didn't change your insulin
> dose... you usually used pretty much what you were told to use by the
> doctor, and then had to deal with the consequences.  I often used
> a sliding
> scale of Regular based on what I was eating and what my urine tests were
> reading, but this was only a very rough guide.  There were no A1c
> tests way
> back then either.
> Sam
> (diabetic since 1979)

Ah yes, Sam, the "good old days".  Did you ever use the "at home test tube
chemistry set" to mix a few drops of urine w/a few drops of water.  Shake a
caustic tablet from the amber glass jar into the lid of the jar...drop it in
the test tube without touching it...wait for the works to "boil
down"...compare the colour in the test tube to the colour chart?!  Whew,
diastix seemed like a blessing after that!  Used to burn my skin once or
twice a week on those caustic tablets.  And what about "testape" pretty
inaccurate :)

It was very much a matter of guessing your insulin requirements - food was
eaten to cover the insulin.  No flexibility on this - high protein and FAT,
low carb diets...geez!  Amazing any of us made it!

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