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Re: [IP] Using Audio Boluses/Remotes


I know it's different with a child, but I use audio bolus pretty much 
all the time. I have a D. H-Tron, and that's probably my favorite 
feature. Not only do I not need to fumble for my reading glasses to 
see how much insulin I'm giving, but with the raised buttons I don't 
even have to look at the pump.

When I first got the pump, I looked at the screen to be sure I was 
giving the right amount, but now I never do.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I wore the pump in my bra 
(since a belt wouldn't fit around my middle). That worked fine 
because I could feel the buttons, even through several layers of 
clothing, but one night we were in a very noisy restaurant. My 
husband had to put his ear to my chest (talk about looking odd) to 
count beeps. :-)

If I'm ever unsure about the amount, I simply press the button to 
clear the amount and start again.


Jenny Nash
email @ redacted
Type 1 diabetes since 1/31/73, pumping on a D. since 10/3/95.
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