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[IP] Re: The Panic Room

In a message dated 4/3/02 9:09:13 AM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I haven't seen the movie, but wanted to comment about this.  This is 
> something that happens to me a lot.  When I get upset, even if it is minor 
> aggravation, my sugar goes nuts.  It can go either up or down, and I never 
> know until it happens.

I totally agree.  I used to thrive on stress.  I was the most productive when 
I was under the gun and seemingly had no way to get the job done.  The longer 
I have diabetes, the more stress affects me.  I never use it as an excuse, 
but there are times that my stress levels send my sugar soaring and then 
crashing.  I guess it is because I'm getting older, am now married with kids 
and a dog, and have moved up into more stressful job situations.  I try to 
take care of myself quietly and try to make sure that I am aware of how the 
stress affecting my sugar affects the people around me.  

Some former employers did not like my diabetic situation.  It was suggested 
by one supervisor that if my health could not handle the stress, maybe I 
needed to find a less stressful job.  I was not fired.  I found other ways to 
relieve my stress and really applied myself to the job to prove to them that 
I could do it.

Stress affects everyone, whether diabetic or not.  Stress affects diabetics 
in different ways.  All of us need to have an outlet to relieve the 
stress...exercise, hobbies, etc.  I don't think the movie will have a 
negative impact on diabetics.  It may help to educate some people, even some 
diabetics, that didn't know how much stress can affect some of us.

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