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RE: [IP] Using Audio Boluses/Remotes

<Soooooo, all you pumpers (especially the ladies) who make use of audio
boluses/remote boluses on your pumps -- what can you tell me that will
reassure this pumpmama that she's not lilkely to make errors in bolus
amounts if she starts using this feature?????>


I just make sure that I'm somewhere where I can hear the pump beep (I've
only done this once).  Then I checked the pump the next time I went to
the bathroom to make sure that I had counted correctly and it had
actually delivered the amt intended.  Also, I know that my MM508
slightly vibrates and clicks as it delivers, so that's something else
that you can use to double check your counting.

Dxed 2/89
Pumping 13 days (and wouldn't trade it for the world) :-)
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