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[IP] Diabetic Research Study

I saw an ad in the WKU paper for type 1 research volunteers at Vanderbilt hospital in Nashville. (I
can give you the name of the contact if anyone is interested). They are doing some type of study to
see how exercise effects blood sugars. Sounds obvious, but what do I know.
Anyway, they want people to stay overnight and ride exercise bikes with EKG's and stuff on.  The only
scary part is that they want to purposely make the blood sugars fall to 50 and stay there for one
study, while you are exercising. Sounds dangerous to me.  I know there is a doc there, but I don't
want to risk falling off the bike and hurting myself for something like that.  There are five studies
two months apart that pay $250 each for a total of $1250. I wanted the money, but the consent form was
just too scary for me. :)
Anyone out there every been a guinea pig???

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Picturing herself with a hypo, riding an exercise bike, wearing EKG leads, with her hand in a "heated
box" with slow blood draws. ???
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