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[IP] re: pump issue for those who use less than 25 U/d

<several of the
pumps -- including both Minimed pumps -- are bad choices for people
who use less than 25 units of insulin per day. I currently use about
30, so this might not be a concern for me (though I understand
insulin use may decrease on the pump), but I'm curious what the
problem is. >

I'm not sure if this is right or not, but when I was pump shopping my CDE told
me that the MM pumps would not be recommended for me because my basal rates
are low.  She explained that because of the delivery system, there is a
greater incidence of occlusion alarms when the basal rate is very low.  (mine
is anywhere from 0.3-0.6 units per hour - and sometimes I decrease the rate to
20% of that for exercise).  It was her experience that the alarms happened
much more frequently with pump users with a low basal rate (not sure how
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