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[IP] Using Audio Boluses/Remotes

One concern I've always had is with "audio" boluses or using a remote 
(anything where you're not visually verifying the amount of the bolus on the 
pump's screen) -- especially if you had it set to a 1/10th unit increment -- 
would be keeping track of the bolus amount/counting the confirming 
beeps/clicks etc.  when you have a bolus that uses more than a few increments 
(say 4 or 5 of whatever the increment is: half units, full units, whatever. . 

Because of this concern, we haven't activated the audio bolus feature on 
Katie's pump just because I prefer to have her visually verify what she's 
punched in on the screen.  And that requirement isn't a problem at the 
moment.  But, I can easily forsee the day when she she starts to wear 
clothing, or perhaps may be more selfconscious (as much as I hope that never 
happens), where she'll prefer to have her pump tucked away in a more hidden 
location and she'll want to make use of that feature . . .

Soooooo, all you pumpers (especially the ladies) who make use of audio 
boluses/remote boluses on your pumps -- what can you tell me that will 
reassure this pumpmama that she's not lilkely to make errors in bolus amounts 
if she starts using this feature?????

Pumpmama to Katie
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